Now, more than ever, we know that staying physically active is neither a trend nor a luxury. Although the current pandemic presents some challenges to staying fit while staying home, exercise still remains an important tool, if not the best medicine, to combat COVID-19 and maintain quality of life.

The sports and fitness industry that unite us, is adapting to a shift to the new norm by creating online opportunities to keep the community active. This has the potential to start new habits, overhaul behaviors and shape expectations in the way people choose to stay fit when we emerge from isolation.

With the new trends that are available online, we gravitate towards mixed-use communities and homes, where we can freely and readily lead a healthy, and active lifestyle within a safe, self-contained environment. The new norm of working out after COVID-19 will definitely change. Running outdoors would be better than in an indoor shared workout space. Sun exposure could aide in fighting the virus thus outdoor work out would also be best.

There will be new measures that we foresee to be part of “the new normal”.

  • A more mindful disinfection process of sports facilities
  • A quick physical check and assessment before entering the premises for all employees and guests
  • Sanitation areas for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Contactless transactions whenever possible
  • Physical distancing in the use of sports facilities
  • Controlled sharing of sports areas
  • Broadcasted spectator sports to minimize crowds during events

Though the anticipated changes are bound to happen, we all hope to come out better and stronger after this pandemic.

People will be more appreciative and attentive to their fitness habits. After all, there is no other way to fight any virus than to strengthen your immune system. We know that exercise has been helpful during flu epidemics. Physical activity can help flush out bacteria in the lungs and airways reducing the probability of infection. Thus, staying fit during these times would be essential.

At Vermosa, healthy and active living is a lifestyle that we want to promote. We’ve seen people gravitate towards this. In this development, a large amount of space is devoted to wide pedestrian walkways, bicycle lanes, jogging paths, and enhanced greenways to make it possible for one to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Vermosa is a mixed-used development that offers a choice of residential dwellings by Ayala Land Premier, Alveo and Avida. In 2021, Ayala Malls Vermosa will be opened to the public. De La Salle Zobel Vermosa is also a great addition to the development together with the world-class sports facility Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub. A 300-seater church will also be made available and a retail strip along Daang Hari continues to serve the public. Beyond the usual offerings that make a community livable and sustainable, Vermosa is well poised to help you chart your own road to wellness.

A resilient and sustainable community is vital for a healthy and active lifestyle. With the limited mobility mandated by the lockdown, we have witnessed how communities has easily accessed necessities if these were found within reach in one’s own community.

We look beyond the lockdown and we look forward to brighter days when we can freely realize our fitness goals again within the confines of a safe community.

Ayala Land is the Philippines’ leading developer of sustainable estates, offering complete and fully integrated properties, such as residences, shopping centers, offices, hotels, and leisure developments, that enhance land and enrich lives.